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    Default Tanking Instance waypoints

    Hey I have always wanted to try tanking but stayed away from leveling a tank because I wasn't confident in leading a group to each boss because i was always getting lost in there any hope in having you create a waypoint feature for us noobs that dont know our way through dungeons?
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    The Dungeon Guide contains the quests inside dungeons / waypoints / floor detection / maps, so there's hope .. it's already there
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    Right! I feel kinda dumb asking that question but for me it would rock!

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    the waypoint system is for quests only, not the actual dungeons.
    There are a few dungeons where the waypoint system does not direct you to the final boss.
    You can always look at your in-game map as well.
    Blizzard added dungeon maps for all dungeons except outland.

    We will take your suggestion into consideration though

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