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Thread: Vashj"ir Guide Issue!

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    Question Vashj"ir Guide Issue!


    First off love the guides.

    My problem I am having which is driving me crazy is this:

    Using the Horde Vashj'ir (80-84) guide.

    Up to [81] Wake of Destruction (but doesn't matter where I am up to as always same problem).
    When I complete it or any other quest in this part of the guide it takes me straight to Defending the Rift which is the last part
    of the guide and I have to go back every step to where I was at and tick/untick the step I want to continue correctly from.

    I hope it all makes sense and you are able to help. I have done a full reset of the addon and in game reset/reload as well but it is still playing up all the time. Also at the bottom of the guide it saids 100% complete but when I look at it from leveling view only 29% and that is all I have done I have not completed this part of the guide at all yet on any character.

    Thanks again and please help )

    PS: Forgot to mention US-Client and level 81 Blood Elf Mage!

    PPS: Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum and not sure how to correct that. I also then found out to correct this issue I only need to log in and type /dugi fix. Please remove this post and sorry for wasting your time
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