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    I've decided to complete the quests in Vash'jir, but when I load the guide for the zone it says I've completed all the quests when I know I am no where near to completing the zone. I click on the quest I am up to in the guide but I have to manually select each quest every time and when I complete a quest, the guide recommends "Guide Complete. Continue to Deepholm" even though I've only done about 40% of the quests. I've found it's not just for this guide. I made a Blood Elf Mage recently and when I loaded the guide for Eversong Woods it said I'd already completed 50% of the quests and the same issues with the Vash'jir guide cropped up: keeps listing the quest it thinks I should be doing, arrow not pointing to the quest I'm currently on. I don't if any other guides do it or if anyone else is experiencing such issues but I thought I'd best report it.


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    This is a problem when upgrading the guides from older version. Because there was so many changes the saved variable can conflict.
    to resolve this issue type /dugi fix
    and log out.

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    Thank you, Dugi! It worked!

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