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Thread: NetherWing Dailies Something Not Working With Guide

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    Default NetherWing Dailies Something Not Working With Guide

    Hyia All And Dugi

    I Was Doing the Netherwing Pre Q and when 100% i jumps to Revered-Exalted when it should Jump To Neutral-Honored So i Did Some Poking on the Lua-Files and Here is What i Found:

    Normal File Netherwing_Dailies.lua
    Snipp Snipp
    DugisGuideViewer:RegisterGuide("Netherwing Reputation (70+ Dailies)", nil, "Alliance", "D", nil, function()
    return [[

    F Shadowmoon Valley |N|Fly to shadowmoon Valley and head to Yarzill the Merc (66.0, 86.5)| |Z|473|
    A The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt |N|Yarzill the Merc (66.0, 86.5)| |QID|11049| |Z|473|
    C The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt |N|Collect a Netherwing Egg found either around (68.5, 61.2) or Netherwind Ledge (66.9, 81.9)| |QID|11049| |Z|473|
    T The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt |N|Yarzill the Merc (66.0, 86.5)| |QID|11049| |Z|473|

    Snipp Snipp

    Here is What Netherwing_Neutral_Rep.lua Looks like:
    Snipp Snipp
    DugisGuideViewer:RegisterGuide("Netherwing (70+ Pre-Quest)", "Netherwing Neutral-Honored (70+ Dailies)", "Alliance", "D", nil, function()
    return [[

    OPe^altjllkS^iibvyKyCivqlPe^altjllkS^iibv^kaeb^aql Jloabk^f%3-+-)25+2&yyWy140yyKM@y//..0y
    @HfkakbppyKyHfiiOl`hk^fiCi^vbop^olrka%3.+2)24+-&+Rpbqeb@^o`^ppbpqlCbba5Ao^hbp+>iplj^hbprobqlqo^sb i^_fqtebki^vfkdqebjb^q)^pqebp^jbao^hbptlk$qb^qqtf` bfk^oltyyNFAy.-5-1yyRy0.04/yyWy140yyKM@y/.144)/.315y

    @PbbhLrqKbiqe^o^hryKyCivlkvlrojlrkq^kacfkaKbiqe^o^ hr)eb`fo`ibp^olrkaqebKbqebotfkdCfbiap^_lsbqebelpqf ibAo^dlkp+>mmolu+M^qe%24+.)22+4&)%30+-)3-+0&)%4.+5)3/+/&)%31+2)23+3&yyNFAy.-5..yyWy140yyKM@y/.324y
    QPbbhLrqKbiqe^o^hryKyKbiqe^o^hr)@fo`ibp^olrkaqebKb qebotfkdCfbiap^_lsbqebelpqfibAo^dlkp+>mmolu+M^qe%2 4+.)22+4&)%30+-)3-+0&)%4.+5)3/+/&)%31+2)23+3&yyNFAy.-5..yyWy140yyKM@y/.324y
    Snipp Snipp

    As you can see is total gibberish Same For Revered File The Guide Says Complete When its not.

    My Best Regards
    Henrik H
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