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Thread: [Horde Guide Northrend] Sholazar Basin - Hard mode

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    Default [Horde Guide Northrend] Sholazar Basin - Hard mode

    in hardmode u switch to Sholazar Basin at lvl 76. guide says pickin up:

    Quest: Aerial Surveillance
    NPC: Professor Calvert

    same is for:

    Quest: An Embarassing Incident
    NPC: Pilot Vic

    and its follow up quest:

    Quest: Reconnaissance Flight
    NPC: Pilot Vic

    and also for

    Quest: Force of Nature
    NPC: Pilot Vic
    and the 4 chain quests.

    all these quests are lvl 77 min. and need to be removed. will edit thread if findin more during lvl progress.

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