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Thread: Inscription?

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    Question Inscription?

    I've been thinking: As people settle in to raids and heroics, they should settle on a spec and glyphs to complement that spec. So, wouldn't that really cripple inscription's profitability. Also, the shoulder inscriptions are better than others but some of the glyphs seem really weak, think anything should be done about that?

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    Like all new professions it's a curve. All the power toons switch to the new field, the guys clean up for a month, then it's over staffed and prices plunge. After a while it's a mature market and will find it's own level. Mining is still the best core profession since a lot of other professions use the stuff. Then Herbalism for the Alchemy, Inscription, professions. Tailoring, Inscription, and Blacksmith goods aren't really consumed. You are dependent on new buyers. The other professions are in the middle. Not bad but not great money makers.

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    Default Suggestion?

    Would it be better to pick up mining and sell that and buy the herbs/inks since inscription doesn't get much after 400 (my level is 410) or just stay where I am?

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    rather than selling Glyphs

    You might make more money with Inscription by using milling on the herbs instead and sell it as pigments, as you might get lucky and get [item=43109]Icy Pigment[/item] or other rare pigment which is worth a lot in the AH.

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