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Thread: No option for Dugi arrow and yellow dot icon not freely movable

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    Default No option for Dugi arrow and yellow dot icon not freely movable

    I have carbonite

    I depend on dugi arrow, it is essential in doing quests--easily allows you to know which direction to go in
    to find your quest

    Now if you have Carbonite you have no option for arrow--this sux--we need this back desperately

    Also, the yellow dot NPC icon before this last update was freely movable anywhere on your screen, now you cannot move it -- except horizontally, you cannot move it vertically up or down--we also need this valuable option back

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    Make sure the Lock Small Frame option is disabled and you should be able to move the Icon Button.
    and update to 5.1120 for the Carbonite arrow option.

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    updating to 5.1120 gave back the dugi arrow option, thanx so much--for me this is absolutely essential--particularly when not close to the next quest


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    at least version update 5.1124 has not reverted this back to what it was

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