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    Given the way this guide was advertised, what I was hoping for was one large guide that guided me through the various zones to do my 25 dailies in the most efficient, most gold-producing way.

    I love that it has separate guides for reputation purposes, but I think it should really contain one large guide that covers the 25 dailies that will produce the most gold arranged in the most efficient method possible. I think a fair starting point for this would be Dalaran.

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    I totally agree, it would be really awesome if you could add this (next to the other guides of course).

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    Doing complete Storm Peaks then fly to crusader pinacle from Dun Niffiliem

    And complete Icecrown (skipping the bombing quest) is the fastest way you can do 25 dailies. I'm modifying icecrown a bit with 3.1 since there's about 5-6 (depending on AT rank) new dailies you can do. I'll add 1 whole guide called maximum/speed gold run or something

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    Awesome, thanks Dugi!

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    i wanted to offer my thanks too, both for the idea, and the result... not to mention adding in the AT dailies, that i have started on... w00t!

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