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    Hello all!

    I recently started tanking on my warrior, and had a lot of fun so far doing it. However, since I am doing regular dungeons just to figure which to attack first and what skills to use, there are lots of new 85 toons gearing up for heroics. Is it in my place as the tank to say "Watch your aggro and make sure your dpsing from behind the target"? I get hit more often and lose aggro quickly to the players who button jam there most powerful skills in from of the mob. What should I say? And also, any pointers to a new prot warrior?



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    As the tank, it is my personal belief that you are the leader of the group.
    You have every right to let them know to watch their aggro.
    As a general rule of thumb, it is better for DPS to hit their target from behind as 1. It reduces diminishing returns. 2. Prevents DPS from being hit by most attacks 3. Increases DPS done.

    But one thing to keep in mind though, is not everyone likes to be told what to do. This game has gotten to the point that there are wayyyy too many trollers out there that want to make your gaming experience a miserable one just because they get satisfaction from other people's miseries.

    It's actually a new phenomena called Cyber Bullying and there are people who are trying to put a stop to it. It's not just in games, it's everywhere. Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, they're trolling (bullying).

    If you're group is not doing what you expect them to do, then just drop and go on to the next group. You're a tank. Finding a group is easy.

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    Thanks, that does make sense. Often however, I do not find that they are doing it purposefully but that this is their first toon and "watching their aggro" or "DPS from behind" is completely lost on them. Anyway, thanks for the help, I will be saying that during my next run.


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    Just remember to say it in a constructive way!
    There is nothing worse than being in a group with a guy flaming everything. I tend to kick such people ;=)

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    Simple enough.

    /party Watch aggro, plz! Make sure you're attacking target from behind!

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