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Thread: any plan for a Rift guide?

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    Default any plan for a Rift guide?

    hi Dugi,
    i hope things going well ...

    just a short Question: Do you have a Plan for Rift?

    Why i ask this? Alot of my friends (even me) in usa and europe playing Rift now.

    Thanks for an answer, Wolfgang

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    Rift guide would be nice. I just started playing it a month or so ago.

    It would probably require Dugi to bring some more devs onboard to do it, I would imagine. But, if it happened, I'd definitely be interested in it.

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    its a big maybe and soks is correct we would need more people to work with us to make it happen.

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    That would be awesome if we could get a Rift Quest Guide, just started playing Rift and it is amazing how you take a wonderful Addon like Dugi's Guide for granted when you dont have it like in rift it takes 3 times longer to do Quests.
    Thankyou Dugi for your awesome Addon.

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    The only problem with that, is that Rift has not released any quest related API in which case, an in-game addon is not possible. However, it can be done using a PDF type E-Book format where you have to continually Alt-Tab in and out of the game each step. That is, until they release the API required to build an in-game addon.

    Resources are highly limited at the moment. Maybe some day it will happen.

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    I have asked the same thing here, In fact I have asked this with the other two WoW guides I use here and there their answer is No cause of the addon issue. Although Dugi is the only one who has said maybe, although after playing Rift a bit, I am not really sure a guide is even needed as most of how I leveled was based more on grinding then on quest. The Rifts which appear also add a bit of a problem when you do try to quest in a zone, so in some cases a rift when it spawns can also be a good way to level as well.

    What I do or would like to see is what is the good way to build a character base on classes or what build would be better suited for Pve, Raiding and/or pvp.

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    Rift has addons now. A strategical step in the business would be to invest in more than one guide and to be steps ahead of the competition. Zygor seems not going to do a guide for Rifts of Telara. I am sure Dugi has more to win than to lose expanding the company's goal. I play very seldom WoW and are practically only playing Rift and already done a pre-order for SWTOR. I know a horde of WoW players are in Rift and when I am in WoW I see many speaking about moving to Rift and trying SWTOR too. Things evolves. WoW will not be around forever, right? To be a company for gaming guides must be more appealling and sophisticated than to be eating from the hand of only 1 game, as many guides seems to do. A global, multinational company when it comes to gaming Now that addons are allowed is Dugi re-considering and in-game guide for Rift?

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    Would be nice to see a Rift one but the addon API for that is still quite limited and not ready for prime time. Also those that leave for other games usually return. WoW has lost people, but I mean it is 7 years old. Cata was a hard expansion to swallow for many vets. Each time a new patch comes pop rises, as well as expansion releases. This is a bit normal. Cata pushed a bunch of people away with all the change(humans for the most part do not like change), and add to that Blizzards lackluster content updates since release of Cata, people have left for now, or simply moved on.

    I have played Rift, great game, though somehow the lore just does not grab me the way WoW's does. The gameplay is good, but something about WoW's classes I prefer. It is odd, it has everything WoW has almost, but at the same time it is just I dunno, not something I can entirely devote myself too. Thus why I have returned to WoW, Trion however has been great with new content and patches props to them.

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    Doing a guide for Rift is not in our list of things to do, and besides, Rift's API documentation will not allow us to do an in-game guide at this point in time.

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    Thank you Soleina for the update. I started playing Rift again this month and to be honest it would be great to have a guide, I ended up buying one from one of the Rift PDF guides and to be honest I think I am spoiled with not having to Alt Tab or Window key out all the time to see where the quest are etc. But anyways, with the new expansion coming out for WoW this will keep all the WoW guide makers busy.

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