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Thread: Sort Options on the professions guides

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    Default Sort Options on the professions guides

    I've got the fully package and am loving it. Only one thing so far that I keep wishing it had.

    When it comes to recipes, I find myself frequently going into the profession screen, clicking SCAN and going through the list of recipes I don't have yet to see what's next that I can buy to work on progression.

    It's great to find a recipe, and have the list of all the places I can go to buy it.

    What I find myself doing all the time though is wondering "What recipes are available in this zone I'm in?" I can use the search field to search for the zone name, that works great. But it's still a bit of a pain to go through the lists as every vendor is listed. Would it be possible to make it filterable to only vendors in the zone you are in (or the zone specified), and even to make it sort by vendor?

    It would be great to be in Ironforge for example and be able to get a list of ONLY what is for sale in ironforge, vendor by vendor so you can visit them one by one. Marking specified vendors on the map so you don't have to follow coordinates would also be a great bonus in my opinion.

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    It's to bad that Recipe Radar hasn't been updated since 2009 (2010 on the devs site), because it was able to do exactly what you're asking. Show different types of recipes for the zone you're in and so on.
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