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Thread: Midsummer Festival Rut'theran Village

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    The Guide says travel to Rut'theran Village from Darkshore, this isn't possible any more and don't try flying it you'll drop from Exhaustion, you need to go to SW from the Westfall side & hitch a lift on the boat to there, rember to land on as highest point in the Rigging that you can and you wont attract attention, to get to Azuremyst Isle you have to do the same thing. By the way you have to dive through the portal into Darnassus to get to Rut'theran Village, swing a sharp left on entry & watch for incoming fire
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    Its definitely possible, I tested it myself with about 80% 'fatique' left at 310% flight speed, I'm sure you will make it fine at 150% flight speed aswell... Just fly straight.

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