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    Ive started using the guide today and the first thing Ive noticed is that the waypoint is only showing orgrim's hammer. Even after Ive landed and picked up daily quests it is still only showing Ogrim's and actually says it 2 or 3 mins away sometimes. It hasnt show any routes to the dailies just shows a waypoint to Ogrims hammer.

    Is there any way to correct this?

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    Okay I went ahead and flew to the exact spot the waypoint showed and it disapeared and hasnt come back. I abandoned the daily quests and picked them back up to see if it would come up and it has not.

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    You need to manually tick Orgrim's Hammer location when you found it it is a big blimp thing that costantly moving, so it is impossible for the guide to determine the exact location.

    You should notice that there are 3 way points for Orgrim's Hammer which is the Route of the Orgrim's Hammer. and the guide will pick the last one.

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