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    Just a thought here but on my screen when I try to load the instance guides it complains about the lack of a leveling guide loaded. It would be nice if we could load the instance guides without having a leveling guide open if were doing random instances. For me, this would be nice as I am a tank on one of my toons and there are still some instances that I get in random queue that I am not totally sure of the routes to take through them. A good example is the Blackrock Mountain instances.

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    sorry for the late reply, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. You should be able to do this already.

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    Maybe its a bug or a bad load on my part but I have the Dungeon guides but none show up in my my guide viewer at all though they show in the Addon Installer. I actually misread the Guide Viewer window when I posted this.

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    Dugi the OP is asking for instance guides. for the most part, you can open your map and see an overview of the where you are going. 4.2 will introduce the Dungeon Journal which will list all boss abilities, loot. it will not tell you how to kill a boss.

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