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Thread: Powering to Level 60: Chapter 2!

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    Default Powering to Level 60: Chapter 2!

    OK, so we are gluttons for punishment, and having successfully achieved L60 with our first two characters, we are trying again using the Power Leveling to 60 trick via Refer-a-Friend (RAF). I will use this post to provide thoughts on what is working better ... or not...

    Current Status = Level 51
    Game Clock Time = ~28 hours
    Rate of Leveling = ~30+ min / level ave. (faster at start; slower toward the end)

    Power Leveling Characters:
    - Night Elf Druid
    - Human Warrior

    Helper = Level 71 Human Pally

    Overall the rate of leveling has been faster (thanks to some of dezel's tips!).

    Strategies we're using:
    • Completed intro levels 1-7 individually (<1 hr)
    • Quested together around SW for levels 8-10 (~1 hr)
    • Had Paly run Deadmines (lots of times) to go from 10-20 (~4 hrs)
    • Had Paly run Stockades (lots of times again) to go from 20-25 (~ 3 hrs)
    • Honestly, got bored running instances repeatedly...
    • NEW TACTIC: Use Paly to blow through normal quests very fast; only do instances ONCE for high EXP quests!
    • Used UWGuide together with Wowhead to optimize quest order and type
    • Did all "quick" quests (i.e. those NOT requiring gathering lots of random drops) in Wetlands, Arathi, and Strangethorn
    • Now we've moved on to Gadget in Tanaris
    • Don't miss the Hinterland quest series! Worth 2-3 levels at 42 and very quick (with a helper...)
    • Wow, Searing Gorge was a goldmine from 45 to 49! We got 4 levels here in very rapid time. Quests are close together, easy, and valuable!
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    Hey Remus - Hi I've been following your (and Dezel's) progress - very cool. what i can't get clear is how do you (pretend there's just one guy) set up the RaF thing and how do u run the whole mess? I'd like to try it. thanx

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    i read the guide but i am to lazy to go do quests in the later levels lol.
    i just completed a shaman/hunter with 15 hours 20min /played
    what i do is simple and keeps u in the same areas so there is not a lot of moving around involved.

    Horde Only:
    questing: 1-8
    rfc: 8-15

    -fly a character not being boosted to silverpine forest
    -summon boosted character from account B
    -summon boosted character from account A
    SFK- 15-20
    SM- 20-45
    UD Strat- 45-60 ( have main fly out to EPL and summon account B at the service gate)
    **if you dont have the key, have your powerleveler go through live strat and take the long way to ud strat. Kill magistrate barthilas for the key to the city, he will be right next to the chapel.**

    thats how i do it did it with a demo lock at lvl 70 and at lvl 80

    the only thing though is that you will get bored at seeing the same instances over and over just like you stated but i feel that this is the fastest way to your 60s .

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    Does anyone have any tricks to keep your level 10's alive in DM?

    I am using a level 71 DK as my helper and seem to be spending more time getting them back from the grave than anything else!

    Also, the experience is quite small from killing elites (80 exp or so per level 10 char) if I was using a level 80, would there be more experience per char because the level 80 doesn't earn experience?

    I was trying to run a level 10 Pally and a level 10 priest through ... every MOB goes straight for the priest, and even when I am AOEing one seems to slip through and get them ... I feel like I am doing something wrong!

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