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    Default can't find macros

    Hi..I installed the Loremaster guide,plus a couple of other things,including macros.
    When I log into Dugi's updater to check for anything that needs updating,I see that the macros guide is included in the list of my purchases.
    When I log into WoW,I check the Macros addon.When I enter the game and do the /macros thing;click on macro bank,then options,then pre-made,then load macros,nothing happens. I do not see the macros that I see in Dugi's video on how to use the feature.
    What am I missing?
    If anyone can help,I would appreciate it. The other guides are awesome and I am leveling my baby toons like crazy,thanks to the hard work of Dugi&Co.
    Thank you to all who reply.

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    Same thing.

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    Do you use the Curse Client to update your AddOns or any other program to keep your AddOns updated? If so you would of got rid of them when you updated the AddOn with that client. I use Curse Client to help me keep my AddOns updated, BUT I do have it ignore 2 AddOns so it does not update them. The two AddOns I have it ignore are Talented and MacroBank. If I am correct, if you update them with the client it wil not work like it is supposed to with Dugi's Guide.

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    Thanks everyone for sharing. It helped me allot. To get the macros back after updating thru curse, I simply open Dughi's installer app and hit repair. It put the macros back.

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