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    Default Beta ?

    Thanks for finally making the daylie guide available. Shame I had to pay for it, me being a Ultimate WoW Guide Complete Package owner, but that’s life.

    After installing it I Loaded id up and started the guide at the Borean Tundra (72-80).
    Lill puzzled I was, when I saw I had to fly to Taunka’s Village on the Borean Tundra. I did not have a flight path there and thought I missed something on the way to level 80. Looked at the map and Unu’pe was very close, flew there, hopped on my bird and took of to Taunka’le. Big surprice, it’s a Hordies town They did a lot of yelling end the things they do (not very helpful).

    Did I miss something ? are there 2 guides with different flight points ?


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    Sorry this is a mistake I'll get it fixed asap, thank you for reporting

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