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Thread: Mage water pet macro help

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    Default Mage water pet macro help

    Hello ive never realy used macros but im useing the macro from the macro bank that summond pet and cast freez if its up but if i cast sheep it shoots that target is there a way to put on passiv and only shoot when i tell it to in same macro and still have the one above to summon it and freez if its up? thank you in advance

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    Yep there is!
    I'm not 100 % of what you want, but i've just fooled around on my mage and came up with a little change to the macro that should help you:
    /use [nopet][@pet, dead] Summon Water Elemental; !Freeze
    /Petpassive [modifier:shift]
    /Petaggressive [modifier:alt]
    /Petdefensive [nomodifier]
    This macro will:
    -Summon Water Elemental if not available
    -Cast Freeze
    -Set pet on passive if shift is pressed (any modifier can be used, shift, ctrl, alt, etc.)
    set your pet on aggressive if alt is pressed (any modifier can be used, shift, ctrl, alt, etc.)
    -Set your pet on defensive if no modifier button is pressed.

    As said, you can edit all the modifier buttons (the button you press together with the macro, Ex: Shift+Macro) and remove a line of or two if you dont use passive, defensive, aggressive etc
    I know it might be a bit wierd if you are not used to macro, but try it out and if you have any problems let us know.

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    The best way I think would be to put safety for polymorph
    /use Polymorph
    or Polymorph focus if target is friendly or no target or with mod Shift , else Poly current target.

    /use [@focus,mod:Shift][harm,@target][@focus] Polymorph

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    Another useful macro to make for pets is;

    /cast Frostbolt

    This way you can leave your pet on passive and cast anything you like, but to start a kill rotation (using FB only as an example) you can macro your pet to attack your target while starting an opening move (like FB) with pressing one button.
    Any toon I play with a pet I use this macro, tailored to the opening move of that specific toon, of course.
    Now you can sheep, Frost Nova, Blizzard, whatever you choose to do, and your pet will do nothing until you tell it to attack.
    Of course, you can get your pet to attack during a rotation simply by clicking the "defensive" button on the pet bar.

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    Was pleased to see this now in the Macrobank; I am using it with my frost mage and it really helps build the DPS with Deep Freezes.

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