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    Default Exp Tracker

    I would like to see a part of the guide that shows how much exp your earning per an hour this can help show just how fast your leveling with certain perks like heirloom gear, guide bonus, etc. As well as when your not using them.

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    An experience tracker is an awesome idea.

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    I agree with this idea Awesome !!!

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    Well looking around I did find this addon which may work for what I was looking for. Its called Xtolevel one of the things is it tells you how many Dungeons, Kills, Quest, etc you need to do, kill, gather etc. In order to level.

    Although I would kind of prefer Dugi to add something that just shows how much exp per a hour you get or how fast your level oh well. However this could be great for those who do Dungeons, BGs etc.

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