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Thread: No Events ?

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    Default No Events ?

    I click your Tab (no guide loaded) but do not see any info about Events ?

    Thats themain reason i purchased the guide ?

    Also i dont like tomtom i use metamap does your (already paid for) guide work with metamap please?

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    i assume the author does actually read these boards ?

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    i think that the events are posted near the time of them lol so about a week from now there is one lol or should be

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    He reads the post. But if you havn't noticed it, the new patch has just been released. Dugi is updating all the new addons and guides so we can use the guides in Patch 3.1.
    And the guide will ofc contain Events too, wich i'm sure Dugi will take care of when the rest of the guides are updated.


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    To quote myself and Dugi:

    From Sanders: One thing that I would love to see being added is a guide for the Argent Tournament that’ll appear in patch 3.1. Again the quests are not too hard, but doing them in an efficient order might become a problem for many people. There are a lot of new dailies to be found there and creating a guide for them would certainly help out a lot of people I think.

    The Argent Tournament will be a priority on our list, hopefully we’ll get this update out within a few days after the release of 3.1. Might be a good idea to stay away from it during the first week as it will be overcrowded with people wanting to try new content making questing very frustrating. But we will get the update out asap, this will be part of our update promise with any new additions in WOTLK, events especially. The new noblegarden (easter) event will feature a lot new quests aswell, so its going to be a busy week for us

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    You can use metamap with tomtom addon, the tomtom waypoint arrow is much better. Events will be updated, we're working as hard as we can, kinda bad timing releasing the guide at the same time as the patch as we're swamped with new customers aswell now.

    We have events files ready but didn't include them for you to download yet as each event will include new WOTLK quests which is not yet known to us. We will have them closer to the event date.

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    ok im a little bit at ease now, i thought i purchased a set of hens teeth for a moment.

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