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    I will start the first macro thread here to get things going!

    Starting with the very basic, but very important:
    /use [mod:shift,@focus] Wind Shear; Wind Shear

    This macro will stop your current spell and cast the spell (in this case Wind Shear, just replace Wind Shear (both places) with the spell you wanna use!) on your target, and if you press the macro while holding down shift, it will use the spell on your focus!

    If you want another button for the focus (alt, ctrl etc.) just insert it in the macro as this:
    /use [mod:ctrl,@focus] Wind Shear; Wind Shear

    This macro is great for both PvE and PvP.
    Many encounters will need some kind of interupt, and this macro will help you alot. As healer, just focus the boss and you can keep on healing while interupting! I works perfectly fine too, if you need to interupt a target, but dps another etc.
    Overall a great macro, very basic but we have to start somewhere

    Let me know if you have any problems/wishes for new macros, and i will be here to help you out!

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