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Thread: Pet (Companion)/Mount guide

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    I'm presuming if he adds it under the ach guide then all you'll have to own is the ach guide. he could add it somewhere else tho however i own all the guides so unless he makes it a new "product" we should be covered if you own the guides
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    Wow, it is pretty amazing that Dugi can make us so happy in as little as 2 words.

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    Awesome i like this.

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    I'm voting for this one as well. Great guide Dugi, definitely the best available!

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    I just want to +1 this.

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    we are working on a feature to complement this guide as it would be difficult to use with the standard format.

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    hey im new here like to say hello and a guide for mount/pet would be awesome id like to know when i can or where i can buy it :P i have the great value pack 110$ one

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