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Thread: Horde Guide?

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    Default Horde Guide?

    Hey guys,

    I love the guides I have paid the full price to have everything you offer..

    I have recently started playing a PvP server with some friends.

    We have rolled Horde, But i cant find the Horde zones bar the starter on my list it keeps trying to take me to the alliance side, this will cause a problem as were on a PvP.

    Where can i find them.


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    The guide follows the optimal leveling path for both factions. The alternative zones will be included in Loremaster/Dungeon guide.

    Be sure to read the stickies Status for Kalimdor

    With the recent disaster :/ Importan Announcement Regarding Dugi and Family expect that it will take some time. Enjoy the guides available for now.
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