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    I am new and using this guide for the first time. I have a Dranei Paladin Lvl 30. It has come to my attention that I have not completed some of the Paladin quests I need. I have completed Paladin Training on the Isles. I think because Dranei level to 20 somewhere else, I may have missed the guide for Paladin quests...where is it?

    I am currently in Duskwood (28-29). I have finished 100% Azuremyst 1-12, Bloodmyst 12-20, Darkshore 20-21, Ashenvale 22-24, Wetlands 25-27, and Red Ridge Mountains 27-28. Thanks in advance!

    BTW I love the guide...I can't believe how fast I am leveling and enjoying the game.


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    I still have not figured out where to go with this...Please help!

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    The guide auto detect your class and add in the steps necessary for your class quest.
    The quests is to make sure you get your class skill, do you know which one you have missed?

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    Yes, I missed The Tome of Valor (I don't know if this is the name of the quest but I am refering to the level 20 Paladin quest line that ends with the awarding of Vernigan (sp?) Fist). I did go back and get it, but it never appeared in my guide. I think it may be because as a Dranei I was questing somewhere different at that level than other guide users. To confirm though, I did get the level 12 Paladin quests in the guide so I know the "auto detect" is working. Thank you!

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