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    I have a orc hunter, and I was wondering what would be the best pet for leveling.
    Would it vary depending on your spec?

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    everything in wow differs from person to person.. my advice would be to pick 1 pet from each category till you find whats right for you..

    imo i like cats or wolfs for dps sometimes even a raptor. for tanks i tend towards the bears and turtles. flyers are so so imo more for looks then anything but they do serve there purpose..

    idk how good it is anymore but check used to be an ok site.. im sure theres others out there by now... havnt played my hunter in ages...

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    As Creic stated, this is dependent on the individual; however, I have some input on my preferences for different situations. As a Beast Master hunter with the following spec I like the following.
    I use a cat pet primarily ( although at level 70 I'm currently testing out to see if a Silithid works better since it can eat bodies for health and has some great abilities that can help me. I found the cat pet best for leveling although a wolf pet is great for groups since it buffs everyone with extra attack power. My cat pet is set up to have Cobra strikes which raises its attack speed, increasing the amount of crits I get per time, which works well with a talent I have that buffs my party/raid with +3% damage. This was my primary leveling mix and it worked out great for me because I'd really have to pull out all the stops to pull agro from my pet. Since I was taking on single targets most of the time, I preferred a DPS to tank pet although an AOE tanking pet would have been nice when I started doing mass pulls and AOE damage. If you focused on AOE damage then you may want to pick up a gorilla since it can hold agro and use AOE agro abilities.

    In short, I'd recommend you experiment with types you like while keeping in mind that many things will change in 3.1 since they plan on making all pets +5 DPS +5 HP +5 Armor instead of the current mix of Tanking pets, DPS pets, and Ferocity (PVP and utility) pets.

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    Default Hunter pet

    Quote Originally Posted by evilwls View Post
    I have a orc hunter, and I was wondering what would be the best pet for leveling.
    Would it vary depending on your spec?
    Hey guys new here and to WoW nice to meet. I currently have 2 cats and a wolf. I really like the ferocity pets because of the damage they do (especially the cats) I also hear tanking pets are good (like gorillas my buddy uses one) I tamed Humar the pridelord and he's awesome does great damage. Hope this helps I'm a level 40 hunter.

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