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Thread: achievements for Love?

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    Default achievements for Love?

    Hey, I was just wondering if there is a part of the guide to go through the achievements for Love is in the Air? some of them are really confusing I was hoping the guide would help for the achievements as well but Im not sure, am I missing it or is it not there?

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    hey hey hey that's freaky, HOW does the forum know I'm a troll druid?

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    No guide for the achievements i'm afraid. What do you need help with? I just did them all this week.

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    hmm, the one with the dummy, pity the fool. That one have no idea how to do hehe

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    The short version is:

    Buy a Fool box
    Go to those zones/locations (eg: Naxx - although you need to be in a raid group to do so)
    Use the Fool box and place it on the ground near you
    Target "Fool"
    use the "/pity" emote

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    To get into Naxx, just create a party with 1 other person, convert it to a raid, and enter the instance (the other person doesn't have to enter with you). Drop the fool, /pity as above, and you're done.

    There's one other tricky one, which is the Arathi Basin one, you need to enter the battleground and then go to the blacksmith house (it's located in the middle of the BG) and drop the fool there. Just dropping it anywhere in the BG won't work.

    All the other locations are easy. Just go there, drop, target, /pity, done.

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    While I usually enjoy achievements, the Love is in the Air ones are so lame I can't bring myself to bothering with them. I especially hate the "do this to this combination of race and class" ones. It's just totally lame.

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    lame, but necessary for what a long strange trip it's been and one of the nicest mounts in the game.

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    I totally agree. I dislike this event. Plus, unlike the Elders event, you have to do a bunch of dailies which I hate.

    and @munnie... the forum knows your a troll druid becuase the forum knows all. JK, you put it into your account info lol.

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    haha wow i forgot about my account info :O but yeah thanks so much guys!

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