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Thread: Customizeable daily list.

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    Default Customizeable daily list.

    I'm not sure how much of your programing is hardwired to a particular product, but if we could make a custom daily routine it would be great help. At one time I was working on 5 different factions and doing their dailies all over Northrend. I used the programed dailies and kept a list of the ones I wanted to do.

    I am really spoiled though to the on screen guide, in fact I am lost without it. I am eagerly awaiting the Loremaster/Dungeon package. The guides in the Kalimador are pretty much not there.

    I do all 25 dailies every day if I can. Keep up the good work.

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    That is a bit difficult to do and would involve a lot programming changes to the addon itself. We have to explorer deeper to know what is possible with the WoW API but definitely something we would like to do if we can.

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    Just wanted to revisit this post (I'm not sure if this was posted before or after the new feature where you can shift-click on a quest in the guide and it puts it off to the side in its own little frame).

    Would it be possible so that you can pull up a guide, choose the quests you want, then pull up another guide and choose some more to add to separate frame? Right now, if you switch guides, the little separate frame goes away.

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