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Thread: Events Guide Missing

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    That being said I don't think I deserved the washroom crack, until then I had not descended into insulting anyone.

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    Children's Week has started and I have no event guide offered when I download my guides today.

    Not having one for Noblegarden was annoying enough, but I accepted the explanation. And here is another event and I have no guide? Please update as to what is happening.

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    Exclamation Everyone looking for Children's Week

    Quote Originally Posted by Dugi View Post
    In response to a post:

    We removed the events guides and because we were repeatedly providing support to confused customers who tried to use the event guides.

    Eg a user trying to use the Winter Veil guide in April contact us and complain that the event guide doesn't work.

    This creates frustration to the user and also create additional cost to us to provide support to explain that the event guide is not relevant until the event is set to be live by Blizzard. In this case Winter Veil guide is not relevant until late December.

    The events guides are seasonal and subject to change every year, for example the current Children's Week guide is out of date because of the Cataclysm changes and we are not able to update it until the event is live.

    The bottom line is that the guides will return as an update for each event.

    Would it really make you feel better for us to leave the guides in the game for you just so you know that the guides are there?

    even thou they are out of date and you can't even use them until the event is live.
    Dugi is not doing anything wrong. When an "IN-GAME" guide can be used, and the event is actually active within the game, they will provide the updated (CATA) version to you by using the Dugi Guides Installer. Emails went out (I got one) to his customers explaining the reasons for the event guides being removed. I understand some may have missed it, and have come on here to get answers to 'why'. Which I why I have decided to post this. As a long time customer of Dugi's Guides and someone that uses them EVERYDAY (especially for Loremaster- UGH) I wanted to help all of you that were curious about the event guides not being there anymore.

    Since today is the last day for Noblegarden, and you might not have known where to get the guide for it as a member, here ya go.

    Enjoy! Hope I helped clear up some of the confusion.

    Say hi on Gilneas Server if you wish...Raithkell


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    I am having the same issue, and I've clicked on the 'repair' part.
    thanks for any & all help!

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    We are working on an updated guide and will release it as soon as we can.

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    In other-words in case you missed it you will get a guide when they want it and only when they want it. If you don't like that it's just to bad as it's not your choice to make. As people are not intelligent enough to know when to use a guide or not to use the guide.

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    are we gonna get the Children's Week guide? It was a huge help last year and I was really looking forward to having it for my other toon's now? LOVE the guides, and feel kinda lost without.

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    I do apologize if I upset anyone by stating my opinion. I just feel it's not a good practice to sell something then remove it citing that because it needs to be supported it's too expensive to support, any product out there that people use needs support whether people think it's necessary or not. Don't worry about me replying anymore, i'll go to someone that won't get upset if I have a contrary opinion.

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    I'm sorry for the delay

    Children's Week guide update is now live, please update to patch 4.6418

    @fifogigo - I really don't undertstand why you would want access to an outdated guide. As I said all the coming events guides is outdated and we can't update them until Blizzard makes them live.

    If the guides are in the game then everyone would assume that the guides are up to date and try to use them the moment Children's week goes live and we would receive hundreds (yes hundreds) of tech support emails that we have to reply to.

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    I've worked in tech support so I do understand about the whole email complaint thing. As far as why I would want them....well, I can't explain that, it's based on my own opinions and if I state them it'll only annoy people so it's better if i don't even try to explain. As to why I responded in the way I did it deals with the way you phrased things, to me it made it sound to me that you were calling me and your other customers stupid. That is only my interpretation so if i'm wrong or you want to ban me for that, whatever. At this point it's futile to go on.

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