I loaded up your herb professions guide, VERY nice btw however this is assuming you have a flying mount as I am not able to get to some of the way point, can you position them where they arent on some hill and is there any chance you can make it where if you are close enough it will think you hit it, here is the issue.

Im lvl 25 and I am doing the herb route in Loch Modan, when I get to some way points it doesnt think I am there so it doesnt let me continue on with the next one without hitting the one I "missed", which i am right on top of but somehow doesnt think I am there.

When I reload it it sees all the way points but then they all dissapear, can you make it to show the route regardless if you hit it or not or some how reset to to show up?

2) Issue is "Rebels without a cause" needs to be optional, if you have heirlooms and the guild xp gain you pretty much out lvl area's and you dont meet the pre-req to get this quest.