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Thread: Zangarmarsh guide issue(small one)

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    Default Zangarmarsh guide issue(small one)

    The Zangarmarsh (61-64) guide has a quest called "Safe Guarding the watchers" the coords it gives is (72.4, 94) to kill lord so and so( sorry i forgot his name.). and Tom Tom has the coords in the mountains 23.11, 6.01) nothing there and at the 72,94 coords there are naga's but no lord. Maybe he was killed and has not respawned yet. I will go back and take alook again. Thanks for all your hard work and time.

    When do you all sleep full time jobs and this WOW.!!!!!

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    Found Him (Lord Klaq) he is in a cave at approx. 78.53,62.96 on the edge of the marsh near the bottom. He is all the way in the back and can be soloed. I did it with my lvl 64 Paladin(dwarf).

    Just a little fix on the coords.

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    The coords are actually correct, they point to where he'd be if you were already underground.

    The problem with this one imo is the guide doesn't show where the cave entrance is.

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