Personally I like the current simi-transluscent background. I do not like the current border. I would prefer no image vs the current.
also the DUGI GUIDES above the current objective could be small or removed.

As far as organization. I'd like to see the list (inside the tabs) sorted to current expansion (cataclysm), then Wrath, Burning Crusade, Classic.

A tab (or section) where users could place their guides would be nice too.

Also I do not like the mod's ability to only track one quest at a time. When I head to a sub-zone, i'd like to see all the quest tracked there. so I can decided to kill/loot/whatever is needed.

I tend to like the current size. I do use a 1900 resolution and the current size isnt too small nor too big.

An option to remove the Death Waypoint (which crashes while in an instance, at times) is annoying when you are in a dungeon. Being able to remove it would be perfect.