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Thread: Vashj'ir - Kelp'thar Forest -[Oh, the Insanity!]

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    Default Vashj'ir - Kelp'thar Forest -[Oh, the Insanity!]

    Hey Dugi.

    I am questing in Kelp'Thar Forest right now, and noticed that when you are on the quest "[Oh, the Insanity!]", the Dugi's Leveling addon sends you way out to Abyssal Depths, right south of the name Abyssal Breach.
    However, you are actually supposed to go to Gurboggle's Ledge, south from the "S" in "Scar" on the name "Smugglers Scar".

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    odd :P

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    I found the problem, should be fixed for next build. Thank you for reporting.

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