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    Hi, I am slowly moving through the faction guides under Achievements. I would love if Thorium Brotherhood could be added to the Classic Faction guides.They have several crafting recipes for the completionists.

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    Hmm I wanna say I did the Searing Gorge guide, starting at Thorium Advance, and was exaulted by the time I was done. I did it a while ago on my enchanter to get Mighty Intellect which requires Revered status. I'll check it again to be sure when I have time, but I believe that's the easiest way if your level appropriate for the zone, my enchanter was 80 at the time

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    the thorium brotherhood is quite easy to level, just do ALL the quests you'll reach revered (i did these during leveling) and then just hand in dark iron residue (you can get it off the ah) or just goto blackrock depths they drop tons of it (i went in on my dk and i had 250 by the time i came out)

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    Right, but it would be nice to have the Thorium Brotherhood's quests picked out like they are for some other factions. Ditto for The Violet Eye and the Sha'tar.

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