Hey all,

Bought Dugi's guide awhile back and the reasoning behind it was I always the only one out of my friends who was still on their first max level toon. I recently purchased the professions guide and love using it to level herbalism on my lvl 73 mage. Anyways I also wanted to comment on the vendor run guides. It does work I have been doing the vendor run as part of my daily routine and only making it between 40 and 50% through the guide I have netted somewhere between 600-800 gold.

My question is I know Dugi has reccomended jumping zones as soon as you meet minimum level. On my 73 mage according to this guideline I would move to Grizzly Hills now however when going to Grizzly hills I noticed quests I will need to be 74 to pick up. I was just curious would be your advice to continue through Grizzly Hills skipping those quests I am not high enough yet or staying in Dragonblight until level 74.

Thanks and Keep up the Good Work