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Thread: Deepholm to Uldum quests

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    Default Deepholm to Uldum quests

    When you go from Deepholm with Tath's No Pyramid!, you have to make sure to not have picked up Hero's Call: Uldum if you want to do Meetup with the Caravan.

    If you have Meetup with the Caravan in your quest log, Hero's Call: Uldum will not be available for pickup.

    If you have Hero's Call: Uldum in your quest log, Meetup with the Caravan will not be available for pickup.

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    That explains it!!

    Which is the best to pick up iyo?

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    Also if you try to go accept 'thats no pyramid' right after accepting the stone throne, the explorers league people aren't there in the temple. They didn't show back up for me until I went and completed the stone throne.

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