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Thread: Glyphs while leveling

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    Default Glyphs while leveling

    Is there anywhere that lists the Glyphs that we should be using for the different leveling specs?

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    well generally you should use glyphs that make your reg-times shorter or less often.
    With my mage for instance i had evocation glyph because then i could reg my hp faster than drinking/eating
    With my Deathknight i used glyphs that made it possible to solo elite mobs.

    hope that helps

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    Yeah I know what glyphs to use for my druid now after some research, but I thought it might be helpful to have the glyphs to use list on this site to go along with each of the talent builds that are recommended.

    FYI these are the glyphs I will be using:

    Major Glyph - Glyph of Rip
    Major Glyph - Glyph of Shred
    Minor Glyph - Glyph of Aquatic Form
    Minor Glyph - Glyph of Dash

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    we'll look more into this thanks for the suggestion

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    I just wanted to second that. i think recommended glyphs would be a great idea since it is such an integral part of the game now. How about recommended enchantments, too?

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    Yeah, a glyph recommendation is what I am really missing hardly. I installed the talented guide to not think about talents. But without the right glyphs it is more or less senseless. You need to know what you are exactly doing to set right glyphs.

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    I miss glyph reccomendations too... =\

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    And still... not implemented, why?

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    Because we haven't really had the time to look into it with everything else that we have going on.
    It's not on our priority list, as we still need to update the Class Gear Guide, Dugi's working on the gold guide, still need to update the PvP guide, and I'm currently working through the leveling guide bugs and fixing them.

    As soon as we have more time - with Mists of Pandaria around the corner - we will revisit the idea.

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    I would take a look at, great for talent builds and glyph recomendations.

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