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Thread: No talents with all-in-one packages

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    (1) I have no idea what to expect with the Cata talent guide.
    (2) I removed all the old "talented.lua"
    (3) I used the "all-in-one" installer.

    There is no addon I can find to click "on." The behavior of the talent selection is just native WoW.

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    The talented guide is in the Blizzard's Talent UI. When you open your talent UI, you will have 2 tabs at the bottom of that window. (3 if your a hunter and have your pet out). One will say Talents, the other will say Talented.

    Talented is the one you want. From there, select a template, then in the Action button, you want "Set as Target". Then go back to the Talents tab and voila.

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