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    Default Showing nothing beyond 20

    For some reason with the new Cata release I get no quests beyond level 20. Reinstalled it all a few times, been through Dugi's list of things to check and still no quests beyond level 20.

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    If you are only seeing 1-20, chance are you only have the addon and the trial installed. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the paid guides under Paid In-Game Guides section of the download page.

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    Thanks but I have the whole paid version of WoW (including Cata) and the full paid guides, all installed as per the instructions. What else might it be?

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    delete the dugisguideviewerz completely
    delete your character's folder in the WTF folder
    Delete the cache file in the main wow folder and the cache file in the data folder.

    then reinstall dugi's guide viewer 4.41 first and THEN reinstall the alliance or horde leveling guide 1.01

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    delete the character folder? Would that not leave me with a blank when I log on?

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    no it wouldn't

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    you're critical character info is saved on blizzard's servers.. only the saved variables are saved on your computer.

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