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Thread: Horde: Crossroads, "Disciples of Naralex"

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    Default Horde: Crossroads, "Disciples of Naralex"

    The "disciples of naralex" quest (Northern Barrens 10-20) appears to have a minimum level requirement of 15. I am questing with a friend and even with the cooking event dailies under our belts we were just 14 when we cruised into the crossroads for questing.

    You might need to move the acceptance of that quest downstream a bit in order to make certain folks are 15 when it is time to do it.

    *note we are not using heirlooms at this time in order to try and get in as much of the new experience as possible.

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    fixed for next build, thank you for reporting.

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    yea, sorry about that, the guide is geared more towards solo questing, which may hamper group questing since grouping up reduces your XP gain by about half.

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