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Thread: 1 to 80 leveling Guide

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    Default 1 to 80 leveling Guide

    I have just put vertion 1.1 on as stated in an email But its only 1 to 20 pleas any way to sort this one?

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    I too have loaded the latest this am. Unfortunately, it is only loading the begining levels. I am level 50 now but there are no guides being displayed. I plan on reverting back a rev to see if that re-opens them up.

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    Ok, just tried loading the older viewer only, but no cigar. So it's time to revert it all back to the previous version till I can figure out what's going on. Perhaps it's just a little early for this update.

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    Exclamation Just a thought...

    I suggest posting these problems in the Bug Report section of this forum.

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    Have this same problem, my Horde won't load. I just bought it to.... WTF?
    The only guide installed in the horde 1-85, and with just that, My game will not load it. I did everything in order dugi website did. And I have tried doing a few things, nothing works...
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    Sorry for the delay, the guides definately works fine.

    Make sure you have DugiGuidesViewer v4.41 installed, don't use older version of the addon.

    If you're only seeing 1-20 then you also need to install the Paid Guides

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