Level 1-60 Chain Quest Feature & Display Quest Level feature

These 2 features are not working for the level 1-60 due to the database being no longer acurate since the change, we are waiting for wowhead to update their database and from there we will be able to mine the acurate quest level and chain quest requirements for each quest.

I'm leveling faster than the guide, how do I skip ahead without the Chain Quest feature.

Easy . Most level 1-60 zones is pretty much one BIG chain quests due to quests NPC movements and phasing. So it is best to always start at the beginning of the guide and skip ahead to the next guide on our list, as long as you meet the MINIMUM level requirement you won't have a problem skipping the entire zone.

Will Dugi Guides cover more Kalimdor Zones?

Yes, we already have the data and still working on finishing the guides, it will likely release the rest of the zones shortly after Cataclysm is released.