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Thread: Guide doesn't match quests

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    Default Guide doesn't match quests

    I have a lvl 52 druid. I'm in the Searing Gorge and the quests aren't matching the guide?

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    The guide updates that were released today are for today's 4.0.3a patch. Some of the quests won't match, especially the 1-60 ones, if you try using the guides pre-patch.

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    I am having a similar problem, so I should wait until a new patch is up beforeI can level? (level 20 BE pally) and the quests it is telling me to get are no longer there and I know I have not gotten them before

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    errr no, my comment was only really relevant on patch day. Everything should be working now. If there are quests in the guide that aren't available to you, there are 2 possibilities: either your level is too low to pick it up, or it's been removed from the game and Dugi's team missed it when they updated the guide. It would help if you let us know which quest it is you are referring to.

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    theres the Ashenvale hunt, and Delivery to the sepulcher both have not been done before but it still shows them

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    Undead Tirisfal Glade quests are totally screwed up, sending you all over to pick up quests that don't exist. Prodigal Lich chain, Dark Lady Watch Over Us, Enemies Below are some of them. Very annoying and frustrating. Close to asking for my money back.w

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    We have encountered some data coding hiccups and are working tirelessly to fix them and make it right for you.. please be patient, hope to have it all fixed by end of next week.

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    Alright, also I am wondering if maybe I did something wrong, but I logged in to my druid and I was using the guide nicely even though there were two guides on the page and the arrow was working for the wrong guide?

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