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Thread: Confused .. but then I was born that way

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    Default Confused .. but then I was born that way

    Got an email about the cooking event so today I decided to try it.

    It says the guide is included in the FREE add on. The only add on I could find that had it was the dailies and event add on which is NOT free.

    I was playing my mage toon who had never even tried to boil water.

    So I saw the starting point was outside the SW gate so I found a cooking trainer there at the feast and asked for training. Started me out with the same old cooking quests i've seen with other toons.

    Found out there is supposed to be a special vendor named Wilhimina Hobeck outside the gate but I could not find her. I searched for over and hour and never found the special vendor.

    Very frustrated and confused.

    Which FREE ADDON is supposed to contain this special guide?
    Where is this special event vendor hiding?

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    If I am understanding correctly you are looking for the Pilgrim's Bounty I think. It is under the Events Tab.

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