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    Question Server

    Hi Dave

    Having a problem with downloading from your site tried to load Pilgrim Cooking Abvent starts to load About 16% then stops .
    I tried to logg other guide,s but the same happend, even logging to yor server from search engine that ages.
    You mention that you had probs with server ever since then cannot load
    Iam from England but its been ok uptill now

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    might try win+r and type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter.

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    we're not having any server issue as far we know. It should actually be much faster than before since we are now using cloud system similar to amazon s3.

    tell me if you're still having problems.

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    hi friends,

    now it works again .. here in europe.

    greetz, wolfgang

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    Hi all

    Seems ok now Let you Know when load new Cata guide

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