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Thread: "Kharan Mighthammer" not available

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    Default "Kharan Mighthammer" not available

    in the BRD prison part of the guide, it tells me i need to pick up this quest from magni bronzebeard but its not there... i am playing on my level 52 priest...

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    i think you have to do something special for that quest. I play horde so i've never done that quest. but did you pick it up at ironforge? and you open the door to the prisoner you need to kill a mob that has the key.
    this is from wowhead
    Walking straight up the ramp from the entrance, Kharan's cell can be found in the third side-tunnel entrance to the right off the large, circular main "lobby" area. It's fairly easy to tell if you're near the cell, because Kharan will show up as a quest objective on your map. You'll need a key to gain entrance to his cell, which is dropped off the mobs in the immediate area (the key is dropped only once, and only one party member may pick it up), or a rogue can lockpick his or her way in. Don't forget to talk to Kharan and listen to his story, then grab the followup quest that brings you back to King Magni Bronzebeard!

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    I haven't picked it up... that's what i'm saying, i can't pick it up, magni doesn't have a quest for me.

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    This is why

    Kharan Mighthammer

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