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Thread: Role of dungeons in Cataclysm leveling path

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    Default Role of dungeons in Cataclysm leveling path

    I like very much do dungeons while I am leveling so I have some question and a suggestion about dungeons in Cataclysm leveling path.

    1-60: dungeons quest will be at the dg entrance. Will them added in the main leveling guide (may be a few dungeons only, e.g Blackfathom Deeps while we are leveling in Ashenvale)? This cuold be a good idea for fun and boost.

    60-70 and 70-80: There will be any change in quest chains or Dugi dungeon guide will work after Cataclysm too? If the quests will be put at the entrance it colud be good add some dungeons in the leveling guide.

    80-85: do you have any new about what dungeon and where the quest will be put?

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