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    I always like to finish my characters with Icecrown do you have a guide for quests in icecrown? because mine has only storm peaks

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    icecrown should be there.

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    mmm ok ill DL again and see

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    Gone from latest build now...

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    Yeah, its missing from mine as well. I was in the middle of the guide pre-patch, then updated and seems to be gone.

    Thanks Bryan

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    My suggestion is to quest in Northrend until you hit 80. If you really want to complete the quests in Icecrown then download Questhelper until Dugi's Guide's are fixed. Though you should know that he is working hard to get these guides in tip top shape ASAP, so if there are bugs just let the forums know!

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    Icecrown is back, you need to update your leveling guides.

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