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Thread: Level 80 character question

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    Question Level 80 character question

    Been reading a lot on the forums of people hitting level 80 real fast without.

    No air looms, RAF, or two account playing or rest bonus?
    ( at least that's what their saying )

    And have 1 - 8 or so level 80's and two 450 in professions on each character ?

    There's only 24hrs in a day, so how can this be possible? Even if you accept all quest in an area and do circuits runs to complete them and turn in?


    I'm a little lost on how people can reach level 80 so fast because the time break down doesn't match.

    Time in High school - 8 hrs give or take a few hrs + extra curricular activity's.
    ( sports and stuff - 3 hrs or so )
    ( home work? )

    Time in College - 6hrs maybe even more depending on course load quarter / semester system.
    ( wont count the the time frame for sports and stuff )
    ( home work? )

    Time at work - 8 hrs - 12hrs depending on your job

    Family time + kids if you have?


    Ok that's my two cents maybe someone can shed some light on this topic.

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    Most people post their time 1-80 in /played time, not in RL time. For example, I leveled my pally from 1-80 in 4 days 13 hours. This was in /played time. In RL time it was close to 6 months

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    Took me about 8 days in /played time for my first 80, and about 3 months in RL time. In both cases you can work out how many hours/day that would require.

    Regarding professions, if you have deep pockets (or kept every mat you ever looted), you can go from 1-450 in just 1 or 2 hours for most of them. I did 1-200 in first aid last night in about 20min before I ran out of mats after whoring everything from the AH.

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    I'm currently at about 4 days 10 hours played with my lvl 72 char. That's with periodic refer a friend. If you have the gold, depending on server economy around 4-8k gold, you can level up most professions quickly. I went from 0-450 engineer in about 3 hours this Saturday in iron forge, just running from the Auction house to the great forge.

    If you have a level 80 friend, they can sometimes throw you some gold, especially in exchange for building things for them.

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    Default Level 80 character question

    Thanks to all who replied it makes more since now on the time frame for leveling.

    ** also it sound like its good to have a friend with deep pockets for professions **

    it's played time, not real life time.

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    It helps to have friends/guildies with deep pockets. However, keep something in mind. Some people wait until 80 to bother with professions because the amount of gold you make ( generally ) greatly increases so you can fund your Alts profession grind.

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