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    Default heirloom items in cata

    Just dinged 80 for the first time. Already thinking of getting heirlooms for my alts, but is there any point? Will current heirloom items be capped at 80 (187) or will they scale with cata as well?

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    They will be capped at lvl 80. There will be new heirlooms in Cata for 80-85
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    xD and soon new heirloom head and cloaks

    head give 10% xp Qeust and kill and cloak 5%

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    so the bottom line is don't bother until 85. Gotcha.

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    Check out: Heirloom items in Cataclysm

    Compare it to: Heirloom items in Wrath of the Lich King

    Have fun planning ahead
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