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Thread: Thoughts and addon criticisms :]

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    Default Thoughts and addon criticisms :]

    Hello everyone!

    Here are a few thoughts about the 1-80 leveling guide :] I hate to bring it up, but I also owned zygor's, and will compare the two a little bit.

    First off, Zygor's guide has a better addon in my opinion. It is a tad bit overly flashy, but it looks really nice if you opt to auto-hide the border. It seems to work a little bit better with heirlooms in particular. The automatic fast-forwards work pretty well, though it still does have it's fair share of problems. Dugi's guide's addon is aesthetically appealing as well. It is not as fancy or flashy as Zygor's, and it serves it's function well. I did find it a little harder to sync up to though. I would often get ahead with heirlooms and would have to fiddle around to stay synced up with the chains in the next section of the guide.

    However, that is only the addon. For the fastest path, dugi's takes the cake hands down. The paths are faster and make more sense. I found that with zygor's I was doing quests in an inefficient order, and scrambling around seemingly endlessly.

    Any advice in keeping up with heirlooms would be helpful. In regards to the addon though, those were my minor gripes, which I'm sure will be eventually be remedied after the cataclysm guides are set and more work can be diverted to the smaller things. In the end, dugi's keeps it's promise of being THE FASTEST path to 80. The competition does not .

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    Cataclysm update will change our guide drastically, the syncing and skipping quests will be a lot easier, thank you for your feedback.

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